Foundations in Meditative Practice Course

This six-session course in basic meditation is intended for those of any religious faith, and none, who would like to begin or deepen a practice of personal quiet time. A commitment to all sessions is important as instruction is sequential. Each class includes approximately 40 minutes of instruction, 20 minutes of actual meditation time and 15 minutes for questions and answers. Foundations classes are offered several times each year. 


September 12—October 17, 2019

Thursday evenings 6:00—7:15 p.m.


November 7—December 19

Thursday evenings 6:00—7:15 p.m.

 If all the classes listed say they are filled or the course has begun,

check this page periodically.

We post upcoming course dates as soon as they are determined.

Call 918-663-4747 to register
Course Fee: $85


Course Description


Session 1
Non-expectation meditation--also known as "still-prayer", the meditation of "calm abiding" or "mindfulness". Posture. Meditation using a visual object as a support or focus. Working skillfully with thoughts that arise. Remedies for agitation and sluggishness.

Session 2 
Continuing non-expectation meditation. Using the breath as a focus. Selecting a visual focus from the environment. Motivation and embracing the discipline of meditation.

Session 3
Using a mantra or "the prayer of the heart". Walking meditation. Difficulties concerning attachment, aversion, denial, habitual tendencies, feeling stuck, scaring ourselves.

Session 4
Visualization, use of the imagination, the three mind poisons of anger, greed, delusion. Meditation as a vehicle for forgiveness.

Session 5
Insight meditation or "clear seeing". Cultivating a mind that penetrates its own depths. Working skillfully with personal material.

Session 6
Cultivating compassion. Meditation for the sake of others. Meditation as intercessory prayer. Mindfulness in daily life.


Call 918-663-4747 to register
Course Fee: $85